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Title Source Country
Bertine Bahige, a Congolese refugee resettled to the US, tells his life story Wyoming Chronicle
Bhutanese Refugees in Nepal - 2013 ICMC Europe
Building a Resettlement Network of European Cities and Regions- Experiences of the SHARE Network 2012-2015 ICMC Europe
Building Blocks of Community Sponsorship: Guiding and Planning Tools Based on Canada’s Model - Guidebook Global Refugee Sponsorship Initiative (GRSI)
Building Educational Pathways for Refugees: Mapping a Canadian Peer-to-peer Support Model - Guide World University Service of Canada (WUSC)
Burmese Refugees in Malaysia - 2013 ICMC Europe
Burmese Refugees in Thailand - 2013 ICMC Europe
Canadian Orientation Abroad: Helping Future Immigrants Adapt to Life in Canada IOM
Carlow Rohingya Resettlement Programme Aoife Titley Ireland
Centres for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment (ELY-Centres) ELY-keskus Finland
Clarifying UNHCR Resettlement: A few considerations from a legal perspective Haruno Nakashiba
Colombian Refugees in Costa Rica - 2013 ICMC Europe
Colombian Refugees in Ecuador - 2013 ICMC Europe
Colombian Refugees in Venezuela - 2013 ICMC Europe
Coming soon. Refugees who needs them? Miles Roston Netherlands
Comment se déroule la sélection des réfugiés dans le cadre de la réinstallation? Commissariat Général aux réfugiés et aux apatrides (CGRA) - BELGIUM Belgium
Comparative study on the best practices for the integration of resettled refugees in EU member states Study by the Directorate-General for internal policies, Policy department - European Parliament
Conclusions of the Representatives of the Governments of the Member States Meeting within the Council on Resettling through Multilateral and National Schemes 20,000 Persons in Clear Need of International Protection Council of the European Union
Conference Report: The role of churches and christian organisations in community-based sponsorship programmes of refugees in Europe: challenges, opportunities and next steps ICMC Europe
Congolese (DRC) Refugees in Burundi - 2013 ICMC Europe
Congolese (DRC) Refugees in Malawi - 2013 ICMC Europe
Congolese (DRC) Refugees in Rwanda - 2013 ICMC Europe
Congolese (DRC) Refugees in Tanzania - 2013 ICMC Europe
Congolese (DRC) Refugees in the Republic of Congo - 2013 ICMC Europe
Congolese (DRC) Refugees in Uganda - 2013 ICMC Europe