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Title Source Country
Don't give up - you have to fight! Mariana Femling Sweden
Early experiences of Young Sudanese resettled to Finland Saija Niemi Finland
Economic Impact of Refugees in the Cleveland Area CHMURA Economics & Analytics
Emergency Transit Centre in Timisoara: Hope for a new start UNHCR Central Europe Romania
Emergency Transit Centre, Romania Romania
Emerging Private Sponsorship Programmes in Europe: a New Partnership between Government and Local Communities - Webinar ERN+
Engaging Communities in Refugee Protection: the Potential of Private Sponsorship in Europe - Policy Brief Migration Policy Institute (MPI)
Enhancing Humanitarian Admission in Europe - Webinar ERN+
Eritrean Refugees in Eastern Sudan - 2013 ICMC Europe
ERN+ Conference Report April 2018 ERN
ERN+ Project activities and outcomes (conference presentation) ERN+
Etude Biennale - Les acquis du projet européen 'Réseau pour l'Intégration des Réinstallés' France Terre d'Asile France
EU Resettlement Fact Sheet UNHCR Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic
EU Resettlement News Digest - 17 August 2012 Linking-In EU Resettlement
Europe, now it is your turn to act Amnesty International
Evaluation of the Gateway Protection Programme Maggie Cramb & Jo Hudek UK
Evaluation of the Overseas Orientation Initiatives - Canada Citizenship and Immigration Canada
Expanding Solutions for Refugees: Complementary Pathways of Admission to Europe European Resettlement Network
FA.RE. Feasibility Study for an Italian Resettlement Programme Italian Ministry of Interior Affairs, Italian Council for Refugees (CIR) Italy
Facilitating integration through cultural orientation IOM The Hague Netherlands
Faciliter l’accès à l’emploi des réfugiés réinstallés France Terre d'Asile France
First Steps in Pathway to Protection Immi TV, Department of Immigration and Border Protection, Australian government
France's Humanitarian Corridors - Memorandum of Understanding France
Full Community Sponsorship Guidance for Prospective Sponsors - Guidance Document UK Home Office UK
Global Refugee Sponsorship Initiative (GRSI) - an overview GRSI