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Title Source Country
Ricominciare da capo - Speciale CIR/OIM Contributions of Franco Frattini, Giulia Falzoi, Flavio Di Giacomo, Novita Amadei, Rossella Celmi, Linda Sette, Luca C. Zingoni Italy
CONVIVIAL NEWSLETTER - Housing as a key to a new life CONVIVIAL Belgium
Conclusions of the Representatives of the Governments of the Member States Meeting within the Council on Resettling through Multilateral and National Schemes 20,000 Persons in Clear Need of International Protection Council of the European Union
Landa project - pre-arrival information and reception of resettled refugees - video County Administrative Board Gävleborg Sweden
Labour Market Training with SFI (Swedish for Immigrants) -video County Administrative Board Gävleborg Sweden
Reception and integration of resettled refugees in Gävleborg - Landa project brochure County Administrative Board Gävleborg Sweden
Labour Market Training with SFI (Swedish for Immigrants) - project brochure County Administrative Board Gävleborg Sweden
Adult Refugee Programme - Yearbook 2010/2011 County Dublin Vocational Education Committee (VEC) Ireland
Refugees from the Democratic Republic of the Congo Cultural Orientation Resource Center
Refugee Backgrounder No. 2: The 1972 Burundians Cultural Orientation Resource Center
Congolese Refugees in the United States Cultural Orientation Resource centre
The New Life is Just Like the New Year Czech Radio Czech Republic
What is the European response to the Syrian refugee crisis? Czech Radio - Daniela Vrbová Czech Republic
KNOW RESET Final Report: Refugee Resettlement in the EU 2011-2013 Report Delphine Perrin Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic
6954 Kilometres to Home Directed by Juan Reina Finland
Social networks, social capital and refugee integration Dr Sin Yi Cheung and Dr Jenny Phillimore UK
Introductory Presentation EASO Pilot Project on Private Sponsorship Programmes EASO
Information Note on Syrian Asylum Seekers and Refugees in Europe ECRE and ELENA
Know Reset website ECRE, European University Institute, Migration Policy Centre Belgium, Denmark, Finland
The Labour Market Integration of Resettled Refugees Eleanor Ott
Shaping our future Elina Ekholm, Sophie Magennis & Leni Salmelin Finland, Ireland
Centres for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment (ELY-Centres) ELY-keskus Finland
Striving for a New Future - an interactive web documentary on refugee students Emiel Elgersma Netherlands
ERN+ Conference Report April 2018 ERN
Enhancing Humanitarian Admission in Europe - Webinar ERN+