Settlement early integration

Ensuring the early inclusion and full participation of resettled refugees in their new societies must be the ultimate aim of local reception and integration programmes.

SHARE identifies multi-stakeholder coordination for integration support and welcoming local communities as the essential components of successful settlement and early integration.


The SHARE City Curriculum is designed to provide tools, templates and ideas to support those working on resettlement programmes to respond to challenges, better meet the needs of resettled refugees, and support their aspirations for their resettlement.  The tools it includes have been compiled based on the succes


Volunteering provides opportunities for those in local communities receiving refugees to welcome new arrivals, use their skills and expertise to support specific aspects of integration, and expand the overall capacity and variety of local integration frameworks.


Within private sponsorship programmes, national governments make agreements with private actors to facilitate refugee resettlement. Governments facilitate legal entry, and private actors provide financial, emotional and social support for new arrivals. Private sponsorship initiatives enable private actors, including local citizens, to engage in refugee resettlement in a very direct and personal way, and expand the 'toolbox' of options for increasing resettlement capacity in receiving countries.


SHARE promotes 'welcome' as the key unifying principle for effective refugee reception and settlement at the local level. Early and successful integration is achieved only when receiving local communities meet basic needs, and also provide supportive environments.

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Several countries with little or no resettlement experience have pledged to receive refugees as part of the planned 50,000 due to arrive into Europe during 2018-19, and many experienced resettlement countries have significantly increased their national quotas.

Welcoming local communities

Welcoming local communities offer friendship and support, through the involvement of local groups and institutions, and importantly via contributions of local citizens acting as volunteers.