Welcoming local communities

Welcoming local communities offer friendship and support, through the involvement of local groups and institutions, and importantly via contributions of local citizens acting as volunteers. Follow the links to find out more about SHARE Network activities, tools and resources in the area of volunteering for refugee resettlement, creating welcoming local communities in European cities and towns and capacity building to support refugee service-delivery (see, for example, the SHARE City Curriculum).

As more and more smaller municipalities are hosting refugees, and as smaller cities and towns have great potential to offer welcome and a 'soft landing' for resettled refugees, SHARE Integration focuses particularly on developing tools and approaches to build the capacity of smaller municipalities to welcome refugees and facilitate their early integration.

Private sponsorship initiatives offer a unique opportunity for private citizens to become directly involved in the resettlement process as core reception and integration actors. SHARE Integration thus supports local communities considering, planning or preparing an involvement in private sponsorship.